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Personal Profile

Name:CHEN Tony
Office:Xi'an Office,Beijing Office
Tel:(010)5776-3700 (010)5776-3701
Professional Bio
  • Mr. Chen has worked on a variety of domestic and foreign direct investment and M&A projects and gained substantial experience in these areas. In the fields of onshore and offshore IPO, corporate restructuring, and commercial arbitration, Mr. Chen has acted as the legal adviser for numerous projects and provided the clients with legal support and counseling.
History at the Firm
  • Mr. Chen's legal practice is focused on investment, M&A, securities, TMT, and the mining industry. Before joining the Tian Yuan Law Firm, Mr. Chen served in the legal department of a ministry serving the State Council and later with the Levono Group. Mr. Chen is currently retained to provide a full range of legal services to many renowned Internet, technological innovation, and new-materials companies.
  • Renmin's University of China PHD.,2002
  • Hong Kong University Law School LL.M.,1998
  • Peking University Law School LL.B.,1994

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