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Personal Profile

Name:GUO Wei
Office:Beijing Office
Professional Bio
  • Mr. Guo assists clients in solving labor law and employee arrangement issues in their investment projects and M&A projects and other complicated commercial transactions. Mr. Guo also specializes in economic arbitration and litigation. Due to his consummate diligence, prudence, responsible attitude, and efficient work ethic, he has gained the trust of many clients, including such notable examples as Schneider, Agilent, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Founder Group, China Minmetals, Sinochem Group, China CNR, the China Academy of Railway Sciences, and the CICC.
Social Involvements
  • Mr. Guo is a member of the labor law section of Beijing Bar Association.
History at the Firm
  • Mr. Guo leads Tian Yuan's labor law practice..
  • Mr. Guo joined Tian Yuan in 2000 and his main areas of expertise include assisting clients – both PRC domestic companies and FIEs – in establishing their labor and human resources administration systems, handling employment-related matters in their operations, and resolving labor disputes.
  • Mr. GUO Wei, a graduate of Peking University Law School.

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