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Personal Profile

Name:SUN Yan
Office:Beijing Office
Tel:010-57763588 010-57763881
Professional Bio
  • Mr. Sun graduated from Peking University in 1992 where he majored in economic law. He has been most engaged in providing legal services to the IT industry after his graduation and he previously worked in the Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property of China, which was founded by 12 famous software developers including the Stone Group, Lenovo Group, Founder Group, and Ufida Holding. He also served the Clever Education Software Company, Federal Software Company with a variety of corporate legal issues.
  • Mr. Sun has served as counsel to a number of famous domestic and overseas clients including, but not limited to: Microsoft, Intel, Beijing Telecom, Zhongguancun Software Park, User Friendly Software Corp., the Federal Software Corporation, CEInet Data Co., Ltd., and IDG.
  • Mr. Sun wrote a book entitled Pamphlet on the Protection of Software Copyrights.
Professional History
  • Yan Sun is a partner at the Beijing offices of the Tian Yuan Law Firm in the Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property divisions. He has a decade of experience in the provision of legal services, with his specialty being the protection of intellectual property rights, legal issues pertaining to companies, investment and reconstruction, systemic conversion of enterprises, and civil disputes.
  • He is familiar with the management of IT enterprises and their legal issues, and has rich practical experience in the field of IT. Meanwhile, Mr. Sun is also working as a legal consultant of Beijing Software Industry Association and many other associations.
  • Mr. Sun is experienced with intellectual property lawsuits, and the famous cases in which he acted as an agent to a party to the case include, but are not limited to: the first lawsuit in which Microsoft sued independently in China; the first domestic tort case showcasing evidence provided by the final consumers; the first domestic tort case involving the final consumers of software; and the first domestic tort case relating to the issue of an innocent software dealer.
  • In addition, Mr. Sun provides Tian Yuan with legal experience in the area of international investment and financing, M&A, restructuring, venture exploration, the mining of mineral resources, venture capital investment, joint venture company establishment, technology transfers, intellectual property. He also helped to undertake the reconstructions of Beijing Chinese Star Cyber Limited and many other enterprises, the establishment of the Beijing Zhongnongxinke Biological Technology Co, Ltd. and other foreign investment enterprises, and the striking down of the fake trademark of Manfrotto Company of Italy.
  • Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology, LL.M.
  • Peking University Law School LL.B., 1992

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