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Personal Profile

Name:WANG Chuanning
Office:Xi'an Office,Beijing Office
Practice Area:Corporate and M&A
Professional Bio
  • Before joining Tian Yuan Law Firm, Mr. Wang studied and worked in the U.S. for nearly ten years at Bower & Gardner. Applying himself toward various international legal issues arising from investment, trade, intellectual property, anti-dumping, and employment, Mr. Wang represented clients in connection with dozens of non-contentious cases involving domestic and international trade, financing, M&A, and corporate restructuring and in cases requiring litigation for products liability, intellectual property, and business contracts arising from international trade and overseas investments. Mr. Wang has thus accumulated abundant experiences in many fields of law.
History at the Firm
  • Mr. Wang joined the Tian Yuan Law Firm, in 2003, and focused his legal expertise on the fields of M&A, corporate reorganization, FDI, venture capital, funds and securities, intellectual property, contract, real estate, cross-border litigation, and international arbitration.
  • New York University L.L.M. in Taxation, 2001
  • New York University L.L.M. in Corporation, 2000
  • Peking University Law School LL.M. in International Economic Law, 1997
  • Peking University Law School LL.B., 1985

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