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Tian Yuan Provided Legal Services for the Cruise Cooperation between CAISSA and MSC


On October 24, 2015, Beijing CAISSA International Travel Services Co., Ltd. and MSC Cruise, a leading Europe luxury cruises, held a joint press conference in Beijing, signed an agreement ofstrategic cooperation, and formally introduced MSC LIRICA to Chinese tourists. As the legal counsel of CAISSA, Tian Yuan provided full legal services for this transaction.

Under the agreement, CASSIA, as the exclusive operator of MSC LIRICA, would further cooperate with MSC about the talent training, facility transformation, costume design, operation assurance and others, making this transaction the longest and biggest strategic cooperation between Chinese travel agencies and cruises. Placed in an Italian dock now, MSC LIRICA was supposed to be comprehensively upgraded for its displacement, cabins number, family rooms number, standard capacity, total capacity and others. Meanwhile, according to the mentioned agreement, there would be also more leisure areas and libraries ofChinesestyle like restaurants, teahousesand marks to maximize meet the demand of Chinese tourists.

This was the first big strategic cooperation agreement of CAISSA after its establishment of cruise sub-brand and sales company, and this was also the first great project after CAISSA’s listing of A-shares.

MSC LIRICA would land in China for the first time on May 1, 2015, and it would set out at the home port of Shanghai cruise and incessantly navigate for 245 days with 54 different courses. Taking its total capacity of 2600 people as an example, MSC LIRICA would deliver more than 140 thousand Chinese tourists in eight months in 2016 from Shanghai to other tens of famous Asian port cities for vacations at sea.

Partner Xiaodong Zhu and his team members Shuang Song, Yang Zhang and Qian Tu provided full legal service for CAISSA about the draft, negotiation, amendment and signature of relates agreements of this transaction. 

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