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Li Qi, partner of Tian Yuan was selected into "China TOP 15 Intellectual Property Lawyers 2017" by ALB


Thomson Reuters ALB published in December "China TOP 15 Intellectual Property Lawyers 2017", and Li Qi, a partner of Tian Yuan, was selected into the list with the experience of 20 years in intellectual property litigation and outstanding performance over the past year.

Since 1997 when he started to be a lawyer in Tian Yuan, Mr. Li Qi has focused on the development of intellectual property litigation in the process of all-round development of his practice, and has handled various types of intellectual property cases involving patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, antitrust, etc., and has especially been good at handling complex, difficult or significant or typical intellectual property cases, such as the "Trap Forensics" retrial case of Peking University Founder vs Gaoshu, the second instance case of Tencent vs Qihoo 360 on abuse of market dominance , the series patent cases of France Schneider Electric vs CHNT. According to his case experience, Mr. Li Qi also compiled the book "The Whole Course of Chinese Lawyers' Handling Cases-Intellectual Property Litigation" .

Mr. Li Qi specially pointed out that, as a good intellectual property lawyer, the key to success was continuous learning, research and practice. The legal service of intellectual property is a field with relatively high concentration of disciplines, and involves complicated technical, economic and legal issues. There are special administrative organs for the administration of intellectual properties, and intellectual property cases are also heard by specialized intellectual property courts. Moreover, technology is constantly innovating and developing, and intellectual property laws are constantly revised and improved. This requires intellectual property lawyers to continue to learn, research and practice in the course of their work and to strengthen their professional quality and ability.

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