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Tian Yuan Has Been Selected Into the 2018 List of Intellectual Property Law Firms of ALB Again


Asian Legal Business (ALB) has recently published the 2018 List of Intellectual Property Law Firms and the intellectual property team of Tian Yuan, has been selected into the lists of "Patent" and "Trademark/Copyright" again with its excellent performance in the previous year.


Intellectual property is one of the mature core businesses of Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan can provide clients with comprehensive intellectual property litigation and non-litigation legal services, including trademark application and litigation, patent invalidation and infringement litigation, copyright infringement litigation, intellectual property licensing and implementation, trade secret infringement litigation, intellectual property strategic management consultation, intellectual property due diligence and other legal services. With proficient professional skills, the lawyers of Tian Yuan have provided legal services and supports for many difficult and complex projects involving intellectual property transactions, and participated in the resolution of many well-known intellectual property disputes. In terms of intellectual property litigation, they have won good reputation and the cases undertaken by them have been selected by the Supreme People's Court into "Top 10 Cases of the Year" for many times.

The intellectual property professional team of Tian Yuan includes partners Wang Lihua, Sun Yan, Li Qi, Luo Yi, Xu Mei, Yu Mingxu and Wang Qi, and is dedicated to providing clients with the integrated legal services combining intellectual property management, consultation and litigation.

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