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Sun Yan, partner of Tian Yuan, was crowned into "China TOP 50 Intellectual Property Lawyers"


On April 26, Zhichanli and IPRdaily released the first "China Top 50 Intellectual Property Lawyers", and Lawyer Sun Yan, the partner of Tian Yuan, was crowned into the list due to his outstanding achievements in intellectual property management, consultation, litigation and so on.

Lawyer Sun Yan received a doctorate in law (intellectual property) from Peking University. He previously served as the secretary-general of China Software Alliance and vice president of Beijing Chinese Star Digital Technology Co., Ltd., etc.. He is now serving the deputy director of the Intellectual Property Professional Committee of All China Lawyer Association and director of the Trademark Law Professional Committee of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Research Association. With his high-tech enterprise management background of many years, Lawyer Sun not only has rich practical experience in intellectual property rights, but also can combine theory and practice in the process of practice, constantly create new service products, and put themselves in the position to solve all kinds of intellectual property problems encountered by clients. In nearly 20 years of practice, Layer Sun has dealt with the first software end-user tort case in China on behalf of Microsoft Corporation; has won the second instance of the software copyright dispute case between Beijing Federal Software Co., Ltd. and Beijing Weihong Software Research Institute on behalf of the former, defining the responsibility boundary of software sellers. In addition, he has also served Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., China Telecom, Beijing Youyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., Founder Group,, Goertek, China Tianchen, Sichuan Yema and other well-known high-tech enterprises.

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