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Dispute Resolution

Tian Yuan has extensive experience in commercial litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). While we always try to help our clients settle their disputes in a businesslike manner, we know that legal proceedings are a sometimes-necessary last resort to protect their interests. Trying to best protect the lawful rights and interest of our clients, Tian Yuan attorneys have handled thousands of both commercial litigation and arbitration cases in the past years, involving commercial contracts, real property, legal rights infringement, financing leases, commercial papers, banking, securities transactions, futures transactions, letters of credit fraud, intellectual property rights, and corporate internal disputes, amongst which a number of the cases were very complex, involving well-known and influential clients in the relevant industries. In 1993, Tian Yuan was appointed as the only Chinese law firm to represent over twenty Chinese corporations at the United Nations Compensation Committee in their claims against the Iraqi government for damages suffered during the Gulf War. Our commercial dispute resolution practice mainly includes the following:

  • Providing legal advice dispute resolution

  • Case investigation and evidence collection

  • Assisting in handling notarization, verification, or auditing matters required in evidence collection

  • Preparing, reviewing, or revising legal documents for litigation or arbitration proceedings

  • Representing clients in settlement or mediation negotiations

  • Representing clients in court hearings or arbitration tribunal hearings

  • Assisting clients in enforcing effective legal or judicial instruments

  • Assisting clients in handling other legal matters regarding litigation or arbitration proceedings, or regarding dispute resolution

Representative matters

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by an oilfield technology company to negotiate on its behalf with General Electric (GE) and to resolve the dispute on product quality between the two parties;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Hotan Municipal People's Government of Xinjiang to act as the agent to deal with litigation-related matters caused by the disputes during the contract performance of natural gas franchise among Hotan Municipal People's Government, Xinjiang Xingyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Hotan Gas Limited Liability Company;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Yan'an Changtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to deal with the procedure of second instance of the invention patent infringement dispute case prosecuted by Guangzhou Baiyunshan and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to deal with the labor dispute between the company and some of its employees, participated in negotiation and dispute resolution, and also provided long-term labor legal advices;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. to deal with the dispute case regarding the termination of labor contracts between the company and its staff, and Tian Yuan participated in negotiation and dispute resolution in this matter;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. to deal with a dispute case regarding wages and termination of the labor contract between the company and its staff, and provided long-term labor legal advice;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by the Japanese Jasco Company to provide legal services for the disputes regarding an international cargo sale and purchase agreement, and a distribution agreement between Jasco and Dalian Huayang Scientific Instruments Company, and eventually brought the two sides to resolve the disputes through mediation;

  • Tian Yuan acted as the entrusted agent for National Stadium Limited Liability Company (Bird's Nest building project) on dealing with Panda Fireworks Group Co., Ltd.‘s firework product infringement of the architectural-work copyright of "Bird's Nest".

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