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Energy & Natural resources

Tian Yuan law firm (“Tian Yuan) has long provided exceptional services to domestic and foreign clients, such as a number of Canadian mining and prospecting companies engaged in venture exploration and the mining business, to facilitate their mineral and natural resource development projects and operations in China and abroad. Along with the rapid growth of investments in mineral and natural resources, the work of Tian Yuan attorneys on projects of mineral and natural resource exploration, mining, and joint development has been increasing substantially during the past few years. Tian Yuan attorneys have worked on many mineral and natural resources projects in the northwestern, northeastern, Inner-Mongolian, and the Jiangxian parts of China, in business ventures covering petroleum, coal bed methane, oil shale, gold, diamond, coal, copper, dolomite, and rare earths. Our services in this area mainly include:

  • Investment or acquisition project structuring

  • Legal due diligence investigations

  • Preparing and issuing title opinions for foreign companies to start exploration projects in China

  • Advising foreign companies on establishing entities in China pursuant to undertaking prospecting and mining, such as joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises (“WFOEs”)

  • Preparing and reviewing project documents, such as product allocation agreements, mining title transfer      agreements, joint exploration agreements, Chinese-foreign joint venture contracts, and articles of association (in both English and Chinese)

  • Participating in project negotiations

  • Assisting in establishing venture exploration entities and mining development companies, including      Chinese-foreign joint ventures and WFOEs

  • Advising and assisting in obtaining and transferring exploration permits

  • Advising and assisting clients on their mine, or the mining company's acquisition projects in China

  • Assisting clients in hiring qualified appraisers for mining viability evaluations as needed for any      projects

  • Advising on and assisting in completing related government and statutory registration procedures, such as applying for approval, filing for the record, and registration

  • Assisting clients in contacting and coordinating their relationship with relevant Chinese authorities in    charge of natural resources administration, and mineral exploration and development

  • Providing legal services for project financing

Representative Matters

  • Provided legal services for China Minmetals Corporation / China Metallurgical Group;

  • Provided legal opinions and advice to CNOOC Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. for its indirect acquisition of Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd.;

  • Provided legal services for Huayang Technology's restructuring project;

  • Provided legal services for Shengkang Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd.'s successful listing in Singapore; 

  • Provided legal services for Tianjin New Highland's listing on NASDAQ, US;

  • Provided legal services for Wuhan Linuo Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd.

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