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Labour Law

Tian Yuan law firm (“Tian Yuan”) has extensive experience with handling labor law issues in China. Tian Yuan provides assistance to foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) in establishing their labor and human resource administration schemes, handling their employment-related matters in their operation, and in resolving labor disputes. Tian Yuan attorneys also assist domestic and foreign clients in solving their labor law and employee arrangement issues, with their investment and merger & acquisition projects, as well as with other complicated commercial transactions in different locations throughout China. Our services in the labor law area cover the following matters:

  • Preparing, reviewing, and revising employment-related legal documents, such as labor contracts, employment agreements, training contracts, non-competition agreements, and confidentiality agreements

  • Preparing or reviewing corporate internal labor rules and employee handbooks

  • Employee arrangement planning for corporate reorganization, merger, acquisition, division, or spin-offs

  • Assisting in preparing or reviewing corporate lay-off plans

  • Assisting in preparing employee arrangement and compensation plans in corporate bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings

  • Participating in negotiations between companies and their labor union, and preparing or reviewing    collective bargaining agreements

  • Labor dispute arbitration, litigation, mediation, or other alternative resolutions

Representative matters

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to deal with a labor dispute between the company and some of the employees, participate in negotiation and dispute resolution, and also with providing long-term labor legal advice;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. to deal with the termination of a labor  contract dispute case between the company and its staff, and Tian Yuan participated in negotiation and dispute resolution;

  • Tian Yuan was entrusted by Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. to deal with a dispute case regarding wages, and the termination of a labor contract between the company and its staff,  as well as providing long-term labor legal advice.

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