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Finance & Assets Management

Tian Yuan has served as legal counsel to many financial institutions, with extensive working experience serving banking and financial institutions. We have thereby gained valuable experience, as well as acquiring a loyal clientele in the banking and financial industry. We are able to provide high-quality professional services to entities operating in this field and our services in this area include:

  • Legal support to clients in routine operations

  • Major banking facility project services including project structuring, negotiation, and document preparation for credit arrangements, export credit, trade finance and loan security projects

  • Assisting clients in international financing projects, including project finance, ship or aircraft finance, and other asset-based finance, as well as syndicated loans

  • Providing legal opinions on foreign exchange regulations involving cross-border loans and financing    transactions, and assisting clients in completing relevant foreign exchange registration procedures

  • Asset–Backed Securitization (ABS)

  • Finance leasing

  • Letter of credit, credit card, and E-currency issues

  • Commercial paper issues

  • Consumer credit matters, including real property mortgage loans, and auto financing matters

  • Debt restructuring and non-performing loans (NPL) settlement or disposal

  • Futures, options, and other financial derivatives

  • Bond issuance

Representative Matters

  • Provided legal services for Shengjing Bank Co., Ltd. and Bank of Tianjin Co., Ltd.'s listing of A shares/H shares, listing on NASDAQ and other domestic and abroad listings;

  • Provided legal services for the Ministry of Finance and National Provincial Agricultural Credit Guarantee  Corporation's joint set up of National Union of Agricultural Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.;

  • Provided legal services for the M&A of equity interests of Suzhou Credit Trust Co., Ltd., China Credit    Trust Co., Ltd. and such trust institutions;

  • Provided legal services for Minmetals Capital's equity interests acquisition of Qingtai Credit Trust Co.,  Ltd. and Mianyang City Commercial Bank; provided legal services for Minmetals Capital’s sale of AXA Insurance’s equity interests;

  • Provided legal services for the M&A of equity interests of Sino-French Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Hengda Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Longevity Life Insurance Co., Ltd.m and other insurance agencies;

  • Provided legal services for Ancheng Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., Lian Life Insurance Co., Ltd., and many other insurance institutions’ PE financing;

  • Provided legal services for Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Hengda Life Insurance Co., Ltd., and other insurance institutions’ issuance of subordinated term debts and supplementary capital bonds;

  • Provided legal services for the introduction of insurance terms and terms localization of Allianz    Insurance(China) Co., Ltd., Zurich General Insurance Company (China) Limited etc.;

  • Provided legal services for China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and other insurance institutions  in regard to exit credit insurance, enterprise property insurance, accident insurance, and other kinds of property insurance, personal insurance disputes, and subrogation;

  • In the serious accident of the explosion and fire breakout of Ruihai's dangerous cargo warehouse in the port of Tianjin, Tian Yuan assisted many of the insured in claiming for insurance compensation and the total amount received by the insured in compensation numbered in the billions of yuan;

  • Provided legal services for China Securities' issuance of securities corporate bonds, short-term corporate  bonds, corporate bonds, and other financing, while also serving as permanent legal advisor to the client;

  • Provided legal services for Legend Holdings Ltd.'s subsidiary Zhengqi Financial's investment into relevant financing guarantee companies, petty loan companies, pawn companies, and other financing enterprises;

  • Provided legal services for China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd's multiple subordinate branches, China Development Bank Co., Ltd., and other financial enterprises regarding action in personam, arbitration, and enforcement;

  • Provided legal services for products establishment and distribution of China Asset Management Co.,  Ltd., Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd., ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd., Hongde Fund Management Co., Ltd., Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd., JT Asset Management Co., Ltd., Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd., E Fund Management Co., Ltd., China Nature Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other fund companies;

  • Provided legal services for Ping An Trust Co., Ltd., CITIC Trust Co., Ltd., Ping An Asset Management Co.,    Ltd., Taikang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Changjiang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd., Taiping Asset Management Co., Ltd., Generali China Asset Management Co., Ltd., Sunshine Asset Management Co., Ltd., Sun Life Everbright Asset Management Co., Ltd., PICC Asset Management Co., Ltd., Ping An-UOB Huitong Caifu Management Co., Ltd., and other trust institutions, insurance asset management institutions, and fund subsidiaries in regards to trust plans, creditor investment, equity investment, asset-backed plans, and the establishment , investment, and management of all kinds of financial products;

  • Provided legal services for China International Capital Corporation Limited, Ping An Trust Co., Ltd., Beiyin Fengye Asset Management Co., Ltd., The Peoples’ Insurance Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. and other financial institutions to initiate the establishment of asset securitization products of underlying assets based on petty loan, receivables, trust beneficiary right, port usufruct etc.

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