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Tian Yuan has provided various types of professional legal services to many clients at home and abroad in the field of healthcare & life sciences, representing a wide spectrum of investors to complete restructuring, reorganization, investment, and the M&A of dozens of medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Tian Yuan has completed some of China's largest restructuring projects for domestic pharmaceutical companies on behalf of our clients, and assisted many domestic medical institutions, physical examination institutions, and pharmaceutical enterprises in completing domestic and overseas financing and listing. Tian Yuan has thereby accumulated rich and unique experience in this field of legal practice. Tian Yuan's understanding and focus on the industry, and the firm’s professionalism and innovation in providing relevant legal services, has been widely recognized by our clients, and gained us a good reputation within this industry.

Awards & Rankings

  • Recommended  firm in Pharmaceuticals and life sciences, Asialaw

  • Recommended  firm in healthcare and life sciences, LEGALBAND

  • Firm of the Year, China Business Law Journal

Notable Represented Clients

  • Beijing General Pharmaceutical Corporation

  • Peking University International Hospital

  • Sunflower Pharmaceutical

  • Sinopharm Group

  • Beijing Fuwai Hospital

  • Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Capital Healthcare

  • Kangning Hospital

  • MedicalSystem

  • Zhongzhu Healthcare

  • Health 100

  • Taigen Pharmaceutical

  • Evercare Medical & Beauty Group

  • Far East Horizon Healthcare corporation

  • Nuokang Biopharma

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