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The Tian Yuan education team has a history of providing legal services in respect of listing, investment, financing, and merger & acquisition to educational institutions for more than two decades. Tian Yuan maintains a consistently high ranking in the provision of legal service for overseas listings among privately-run educational institutions. 

We keep abreast of the trends of legislation, amendments, and supervision of educational laws as well as the case studies on the related hot spots in the market. The educational institution clients we serve at present consist of K-12 (kindergartens, compulsory education schools, general and international high schools), higher education schools (privately-run schools and independent colleges), advanced and secondary occupational education schools, adult education schools, training institutions (language training, test-oriented training, K-12 tutoring, vocational skill training, art training, and cultural training), Internet education institutions, Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions, early education institutions, study-abroad agencies, educational publishing and distribution institutions, and policy research institutions in the educational sector.

Awards & Rankings

  • Firm of the Year, LEGALBAND

  • Firm of the Year, China Business Law Journal

Notable Represented Clients

IPO: New Oriental, TAL Education, Maple leaf Education, Yuhua Education, Global IELTS, Bright Scholar, Sunlands

New OTC: Know-How Education, Taiqi Education, Mingshi Education, SRT Education, Beile Education, Qingrui Education, Nobo Education

PE Investment and Financing/M&A: Hope Education, Vtron, Beijing Offcn Future Education Consulting, Oriental Cambridge Education, Little Golden Star Education, Hancai Education, Xueda Education, Shandong Yingcai University, Zhuoyue Licheng Education, EIC Education, Hejun Business school, Wuhan Renhe, Superior Education, Dangdai Education, Bohua Education, Neworld Education, Chongqing Jinke, Excellence Real Estate, Minsheng Education, Shangde Education, Genshuixue, PuXin Education, Aixuetang, Yige Education, Babytree, Jiemodui, Future Leaders Education, Xiaobao Online, Huanxun Education, Tianyou Education, Xi'An International University …

Long-term Legal Counsel: New Oriental, Tomorrow Advancing Life, Pearson, Weiming Education, Jinrongjie Education, Harrow School, Yew Chung International School, Yew Hua International School, Huijia Education, Nord Anglia Education, Renmin University of China Traing Institute ……

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