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Infrastructure & Project Finance(PPP)

Tian Yuan is one of the first Chinese law firms that provide legal services in areas of infrastructure and project finance (PPP). Through numerous projects, with some notable ones listed below, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in numerous domestic and overseas projects.

The legal services we provide in infrastructure and project finance (PPP) principally include:

  • Design and demonstrate trading schemes – assist in designing trading schemes and demonstrating legal compliance through conducting feasibility studies of the trading scheme;

  • Participate in due diligence;

  • Draft legal documents – drafting, reviewing, and modifying project contracts, concession operating      agreements, financing agreements, and other legal documents;

  • Providing legal opinions – providing professional legal analysis and legal opinions throughout the process of carrying out projects;

  • Project negotiation – participate in major business negotiations;

  • Relevant legal training – train the personnel responsible for legal and administrative rules and regulations, regulatory documents, and policies closely related to infrastructure and project finance;

  • Related dispute resolution – provide legal services for disputes relating to various aspects of project construction, project operation, and investment and financing;

  • Other related legal services.

Representative matters

  • Provided legal services for the BOT project of the Beijing Olympic Main Stadium "Bird's Nest" and its subsequent disposal issues on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.;

  • Providing permanent legal advices to China Construction Company Limited; provided legal services to      government and social capital cooperation projects (PPP), investment in fixed assets, mergers & acquisitions, state-owned assets management, project financing, real estate development, urban comprehensive      development etc.;

  • Provided legal services to Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd. and Far East Horizon for their participation and investment in PPP projects, which included various types of PPP projects, such as roads, integrated pipe galleries, regional development, park development etc.

  • Provided legal services regarding investment and financing to Nanjing Fullshare Group, which included      transaction structure design, project bidding, project construction, project operation and project finance of infrastructure projects, primary land development projects, and area development projects;

  • Provided legal services to Nanjing Construction Engineering Group’s IBR project for the Youth Olympic Sports Park;

  • Provided legal services to the management committee of Chishan Lake, Jurong City’s PPP project for its cooperative area development with social capital;

  • Provided legal services for an assets management company to make equity investment plans and act as LP’s investment in shantytown transformation projects and PPP funds which were sponsored and founded by CDB’s subordinate bodies;

  • Provided legal services to China Three Gorges Group’s subsidiary SINOHYDRO Co., LTD. for its BOOT      project in Pakistan Card Lott hydropower (installed capacity 720MW) in regard to matters concerning franchise authorization, power purchase and sale, and project finance;

  • Provided legal services to China Power Investment Group’s subsidiary company’s BOT project of a large-scale hydropower plant in the Mekong River Basin;

  • Provided legal services to SINOHYDRO Co., LTD. for its acquisition, investment, and development in the HPP Jari Hydropower project and HPP Cachoeira Caldeiro Hydropower Project in Brazil (this deal won China Business Law Journal's 2014 “Best M&A Deal of the Year” award);

  • Provided legal services to China Three Gorges Group’s subsidiary company for its PPP project for hydropower in Macedonia.



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