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Chief Partner

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Personal Profile

Name:WANG Lihua
Position:Chief Partner
Office:Beijing Office
Professional Bio
  • Mr. Wang’s principal practice areas are: securities, M&A, civil and commercial arbitration and litigation, and intellectual property. In the past twenty years, Mr. Wang has presided over and participated in hundreds of transactions in enterprise restructuring, stock issuance and listing, the refinancing of listed companies, M&A, the establishment of fund companies, and capital raising – many of these cases having significant impact both in China and abroad. Mr. Wang is the author of Stock Issuance and Listing and Intellectual Property Litigation, published by the Law Press of China, the most prestigious jurisprudence publisher in China. These two books, as well as a related series, have been lauded as a “truly comprehensive introduction to the legal practice” and have been designated by the Ministry of Justice and the National Lawyers Association as textbooks for the professional training of lawyers across the country.
Social Involvements
  • Mr. Wang was previously a full-time member of the Public Offering Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) for its 7th session from January 2005 to December 2005 and 8th session from January 2006 to April 2007, a part-time member of the M&A and Restructuring Review Committee of Listed Companies of the CSRC for its 3rd session from August 2006 to December 2007 and 4th session (the 1st new session) from January 2008 to September 2009, and a member of the Review Committee for M&A and Restructurings of Listed Companies of the CSRC for its 2nd new session from October 2009 to September 2010 and the 3rd new session from October 2010 to April 2012. As one of the eight members in both Committees and one of the five team leaders, Mr. Wang has presided over or participated in the review of IPO, refinancing, M&A, or restructuring applications of nearly 200 companies. Thus, Mr. Wang is widely recognized as having in-depth experience and authority in the understanding and application of the relevant laws and policies with respect to the aforementioned fields, identifying the focus or concerns of the reviewing members, and providing corresponding solutions.
History at the Firm
  • In December 1992, Mr. Wang proposed the establishment of the Beijing Kai Yuan Law Firm as one of its founding partners, working there in the capacity of managing partner thereafter. In October 1994, Mr. Wang proposed the establishment of the Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm as one of its founding partners. He had been a managing partner of Tian Yuan from then until July 2011, from which point onward he has been chief partner of Tian Yuan.
  • In 1999, Mr. Wang was recognized as one of the “Top Ten Lawyers” in Beijing. He served as a member of the Experts Panel of the Beijing Municipal Government from 2000 to 2010, a member of the Party Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association from 2001 to 2009, the director of the Supervisory Committee and a standing member of the 5th and 6th Council of the Beijing Lawyers Association from 1995 to 2005, the vice president of the 7th Council of the Beijing Lawyers Association from March 2005 to April 2009, and a standing member of the 7th Council of National Lawyers Association from October 2008 to December 2011. From November 2006 to December 2011, he was elected as a delegate to the 14th People’s Congress of the Beijing Xicheng District as well as vice chairman of the Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee thereof. Mr. Wang is currently a standing member of the 8th Council of the National Lawyers Association since December 2011, the president of the 1st session of the Beijing Xicheng Lawyers Association since December 2010, and a member of the 7th Listing Committee of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since September 2012.
  • Peking University Law School LL.M., 1993
  • Peking University Law School LL.B., 1984

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