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Personal Profile

Name:LIU Ning
Office:Hong Kong Office
Tel:+852 3626 9116
History at the Firm
  • Mr. Liu is a partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm Hong Kong Office and co-head of oversea capital market business. Prior to joining Tian Yuan Law Firm Hong Kong Office, Mr. Liu worked at two “Magic Circle” British law firms for years with focus on Hong Kong capital markets and serving PRC companies “going global” for oversea financing. During more than 10 years of practice in law, Mr. Liu has assisted more than 30 PRC companies to successfully get listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and also assisted with compliance matters for many PRC listed companies. Mr. Liu specializes in Hong Kong initial public offerings and financing of PRC companies, oversea M&A and investment, as well as general compliance matters of listed companies.

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