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Tian Yuan Provided Legal Services for CSRC’s Approval of Health 100’s Back Door Listing


The project of Health 100 Group Co., Ltd.’s back-door listing with Jiangsu Sanyou Group Co., Ltd. was approved without any condition by the Listed Company Mergers and Acquisitions Commission of China Securities Regulatory Commission on June 30, 2015.

Health 100 Group is a professional medical examination services group with the core business of physical examination, and it is one of the biggest and most profitable specialist medical examination institutions in China. By the end of December 31, 2014, Health 100 Group has shareholdings in 94 medical centers and served more than 5 million people with their physical examination, and it also invested into Ciming Health Examination Management Group Co., Ltd. in this transaction. As one of the leading company in the peer industry, Health 100 Group has made its business cover 39 cities of 26 provinces in China.  

Taking the complexity of this transaction into consideration, Tian Yuan formed a legal counsel team with partner Lihua Wang, Xu Ping, Xu Ying and their team members of Yu Ying and Jiajie Xu to well participate in the trading documents design, due diligence and business negotiation, making the transaction meet the interests of the company, reorganization company and public investor and match with laws and regulations. Tian Yuan provided full legal services for the assets replacement, shares issuance for purchasing assets, supporting funds raise, strategic investment into Ciming in this transaction, giving full play to Tian Yuan’s superiority on designing complex trading structure, drafting trading documents and making business negotiation.

Tian Yuan enjoys comprehensive and rich experience in medical and healty industry, and it has provided legal services for LBX Pharmacy Co., Ltd.’s listing, Medical System Company’s listing application, Qiming, OrbiMed and some other funds investment.

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