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The first international top brand hospital from China |Tian Yuan advised Wanda UPMC International Hospital Project


On June 25, 2019, Wanda Group signed the first international hospital operation management agreement with the University of Pittburg Medical Center (UPMC) in Chengdu, and comprehensively introduced the planning and design concept, clinical medical teaching research platform, quality safety and operation management system of UPMC as a flagship hospital of the USA. Yin Li, governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Charles E. Bogosta, international CEO of UPMC, and Wang Jianlin, board chairman of Wanda Group, attended the signing ceremony.

As the special legal adviser for Wanda Group in this project, Tian Yuan dispatched the work group composed of partners Song Juanjuan, Wang Tao and senior lawyers Zhang Yiming, Deng Shiqi, et. al., with extensive experience in medical health and investment and financing business to participate in the design of project cooperation scheme, drafting of transaction agreement and business negotiation of the project in full process, and provided legal comments and suggestions for the project and helped Wanda Group and UPMC reach this basic key cooperation.

Tian Yuan has formed a whole-category, whole-industry and omni-directional legal service system in the field of comprehensive health. Over years, it has provided many leading and well-known large industrial groups, investment funds, medical institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises and other clients with various legal services, including investment and financing, M&A and restructuring, hospital restructuring, onshore and offshore listing, compliance, antitrust, intellectual property, dispute resolution and so on, and helped clients complete many representative and groundbreaking projects in medical and health care in China. In addition, it has a leading position in the industry and enjoys good market reputation.

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