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Tian Yuan set up Kunming Branch as a new starting point for innovation and improvement


On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the 12th office of Tian Yuan Law Firm landed in Kunming.


Kunming is known as the "Spring City" and has unique geographical advantages. It is connected with Guizhou and Guangxi in the east, Sichuan and Chongqing in the north, getting older in the south and India and Pakistan in the west. It is located at the intersection of "China-ASEAN" Free Trade Zone, Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Zone and Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Circle.


As a leading domestic law firm with nearly 30 years of legal service experience, Tian Yuan Law Firm has been attached to Kunming for a long time. Since 1990s, Tian Yuan Law Firm has established a cooperative and trust relationship with enterprises in Yunnan through legal exchanges and services in litigation, finance and capital market, and has forged profound friendship with entrepreneurs.


With the renewal and iteration of Kunming's industry, tourism, tobacco, flowers and biomedicine have become the four pillar industries in Kunming, and efforts will be made to develop industry, big data, high technology and logistics industries, so as to give full play to the location advantage of connecting Southeast Asia. In October 2021, COP15 will be held in Kunming; In the list of new infrastructure investment of the State Council in 2020, Yunnan Province ranks first with a total investment of about 5 trillion yuan. Kunming is ready to go and embark on the fast lane of innovation and development.


Tian Yuan Law Firm is good at comprehensive legal services such as capital market, investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and dispute resolution. In recent years, it has great service advantages, especially in the new economic field. With innovative exploration in medical care, education, TMT, Internet, new finance, new energy, entertainment media and other industries, combined with domestic and overseas IPO, investment mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights, data compliance, anti-monopoly, the Belt and Road Initiative and other business advantages, it has become one of the preferred lawyer teams for many high-quality customers. Tian Yuan Law Firm will take advantage of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Hainan Free Trade Zone, give full play to Kunming's geographical advantages, radiate to Southeast Asia, serve as the bridgehead of the Belt and Road Initiative, help new economic industries and promote high-quality development.


Kunming Branch is located in Huaxia Square, Dianchi Road, and has gathered a group of experienced and excellent lawyers. The clients we served in the past include government, financial enterprises, platform companies, real estate companies and tobacco enterprises, etc., and are good at handling difficult and complicated comprehensive legal affairs covering and mixing civil and commercial, administrative and criminal. Taking Kunming Branch as the service outreach, Tian Yuan Law Firm will give full play to the open and inclusive law firm culture, the synergistic empowerment effect of the main branch office and local branches. With our pursuit for excellent, efficient and pragmatic service, Kunming Branch will quickly make itself outstanding in south-west China.

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