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Tian Yuan receives permission to carry out patent agency business and welcomed the intellectual property team to join


Tian Yuan has recently obtained the patent agency qualification approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, and Tian Yuan has all the qualifications of intellectual property application agency, covering the application and registration of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, integrated circuit layout and new plant varieties. In addition to the registration business, Tian Yuan has been deeply involved in dispute resolution business such as administrative litigation for authorization and confirmation of patents and trademarks, patent infringement litigation, trademark infringement litigation, copyright infringement litigation, trade secret infringement litigation and unfair competition litigation. Tian Yuan has made great achievements in non-litigation fields such as intellectual property strategic management, FTO verification and intellectual property due diligence, and has won long-term trust from customers and wide recognition from media and rating agencies.


At the same time, Mr. Chi Song officially joined Tian Yuan with an intellectual property professional team of nearly ten members, including senior patent agents, foreign-related patent engineers, trademark agents, trademark process managers, lawyers and so on. Mr. Chi has rich experience in the field of import and export of energy enterprises, technology development and introduction of high-tech enterprises, as well as internal intellectual property management. He once worked as a partner and head of international business department in a leading intellectual property agency company, and founded a leading intellectual property firm to serve many leading enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises and academic institutions at home and abroad. Mr. Chi also serves as a mediation expert of China (Sichuan) Intellectual Property Protection Center, Sichuan Intellectual Property Dispute People's Mediation Committee, and a rights protection and assistance expert of Sichuan Sub-center of National Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Response Guidance.


The joining of Chi's lawyer team will further enhance Tian Yuan's comprehensive strength in the whole field of intellectual property services. Tian Yuan will cooperate with various offices and professional teams in various fields to provide comprehensive legal services and high-quality technical support in the field of intellectual property for enterprises and the public.

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