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Tian Yuan advise Star Science and Technology listed on Select Layer


Guilin Star Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 832885, stock abbreviation: Star Technology) publicly issued shares to unspecified qualified investors on July 8, 2021 and listed on the select layer of the national SME share transfer system.

Star Technology issued a total of 21 million shares to unspecified qualified investors this time, raising a total of 146.16 million yuan. The effective online subscription multiple of this issue reached 143 times, setting the highest subscription multiple of selected layer issuance during the year.

Star Technology focuses on the development and application of high-precision servo control technology, equipment automation and intelligent control technology, and servo system industry application technology. It is a leading provider of military follow-up control assembly and military-grade servo system in China, and has served Shenzhou series manned spacecraft, Chang'e project and Tiangong project for a long time. Its scientific research projects have received major special support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for many times.

Our products are widely used in military industry, new energy, industrial control and other application fields.

The company serves aerospace science and technology, CSSC, China North Industries, China Military Equipment, China Electronics, Aerospace Science and Technology and its subordinate research institutes in the military industry field. The company serve the wind power and new energy automobile industry in the field of new energy. In the field of industrial control, it serves all kinds of automatic and intelligent mechanical equipment.

The team composed of partner Li Jianhui, partner Gu Mingzhu, lawyer Tang Jianghua and lawyer assistant Liang Yanxin provides full legal services for the IPO project of Star Technology.

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