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Tian Yuan advise UFIDA's 5.3 billion non-public offering of shares pass the audit of the CSRC


The non-public offering of shares by UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600588, stock abbreviation: UFIDA Network) passed the examination of the Issuance Examination Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission on August 2, 2021.

The total amount of funds to be raised by UFIDA Network in this issue is about RMB 5.3 billion, which will be used for the construction project of YonBIP, a business innovation platform of UFIDA, and the construction of the third phase R&D center of UFIDA Industrial Park (Nanchang).

As the legal adviser of the issuer, Tian Yuan provides legal services for this issuance of UFIDA.

UFIDA has been focusing on and continuously leading the enterprise software and enterprise service market for 32 years, and is a leading cloud service and software provider for enterprises and public organizations in China and the world.

UFIDA has been leading the enterprise software market in China for many years. In recent years, on the basis of leading the enterprise cloud service market, the strategic direction of the new strategic development stage (3.0-II) is to build and operate the world's leading enterprise cloud service platform and achieve the strategic goals of 10 million customers, 100,000 partners and 100 million members (community individuals).

Through this issuance, it will help enterprises to transform and develop intelligently, continuously optimize their business structure and enhance their core competitiveness.

Tian Yuan Law Firm, as the legal adviser of UFIDA's non-public offering project, is led by partners Wang Lihua, Sun Yan, Chen Huiyan and Zhang Zheng, providing professional, high-quality and efficient legal services throughout the project.

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