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First Tian Yuan Online Saloon was Held Successfully


Sail while the tide is rising, and take action to see the opportunity. On January 12, 2022, Tian Yuan and Hefei Gaochuang Co., Ltd. jointly organized the theme salon "The Impact of Beijing Equity Exchange on Specialized and New Enterprises", which was co-organized by Anhui Branch of Hundun Academy. Wei Shuying, Executive Director of Beijing Tian Yuan (Hefei) Law Firm, presided over the salon.


Shen Xuerang, a partner of Tian Yuan, introduced the details of the North Stock Exchange in a simple way from the aspects of the establishment of the Beijing Equity Exchange, the comparison of various modules, and the selection of domestic listing sectors, which truly restored the common problems and solutions in practical work.


Zhang Xiaolan, a partner of Tian Yuan, based on his refined practical experience in the professional field for many years, elaborated in detail through the overview of listing path, the listing conditions of the New Third Board and the three major sections of the Beijing Equity Exchange.


Yang Jun, a partner of Tian Yuan, shared the opportunities and risks of listing on the Beijing Equity Exchange, and introduced the risks faced by listed companies in detail to the participants present, who said that they benefited a lot.


At the end of the salon, Xie Fayou, director of Tian Yuan (Hefei) Law Firm, gave an outline and answered the questions of the whole audience on the spot in the Q&A session.


At the beginning of the new year, business owners seize the last wave of time to study, laying a solid foundation for the deployment in the coming year. There is no shortage of opportunities and challenges in this world. Facing this directly, anyone who has a forward-looking moment can seize the opportunities and meet the challenges. The emergence of the Beijing Equity Exchange is an opportunity to specialize in new enterprises, and Tian Yuan will take advantage of the situation to continuously deepen related businesses and provide more high-quality legal services for enterprises.

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