Tian Yuan has gathered elite lawyers in various fields, has more than 200 partners, more than 800 professionals, and provides customers with all-round, cross-regional, comprehensive and one-stop legal services with profound practice experience and project experience. and best business solutions.


With 30 years of experience in legal practice and continuous innovation in practice, Tian Yuan's business covers the main practice fields and emerging fields of Chinese lawyers, and maintains the level of China's top lawyers and cross-team comprehensive service capabilities in many fields. Transactions and projects and cases with great industry influence.

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Tian Yuan lawyers keep up with the trend of the industry, focus on legal hot topics, and rely on unique perspectives and market insights to help clients understand the latest changes in the law, and use professional observation, analysis and insights to help clients make more informed business choices and decisions.

About Us

As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 15 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Our History


Over the past 30 years, Tian Yuan has grown together with our country. While realizing our development, we have also witnessed the vigorous development of the economy of China.

For Tian Yuan's 30th anniversary, let us review the 30-year development process through 30 moments.


The tide of reform and opening-up surged in China, and several young teachers from the law department of Peking University with passion and dreams took advantage of the trend and founded Tian Yuan.

1993Litigation business as the cornerstone

At the beginning of Tian Yuan's establishment, we represented many major and difficult cases. In 1993, Tian Yuan became the first law firm to represent a Chinese enterprise in an international claim to the United Nations Claims Commission for losses suffered in the Gulf War.

1995First Capital Markets project

Tian Yuan assisted Founder (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in listing in Hong Kong, becoming one of the few law firms that could engage in listing business at the time.

1998"Ministry-Level Civilized Law Firm"

Tian Yuan won the title of the first batch of "Ministry-level Civilized Law Firms" awarded by the Ministry of Justice.

1999The first branch office established in Shanghai

"Our country implements the rule of law and builds a socialist country ruled by law" has been officially written into the Constitution, and China's legal service industry has ushered in a trend of large-scale layout. Tian Yuan's first branch was established in Shanghai.

2002Ten years of hard work

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Tian Yuan's establishment, the firm's publication named "Tian Yuan Lawyer" was officially released, and nearly 50 issues have been issued so far. Tian Yuan lawyers have insight into industry trends, and constantly put forward highly innovative and practical legal observations, gradually accumulating into Tian Yuan's valuable knowledge wealth.

Exploring the field of foreign-related intellectual property right

Tian Yuan represented Huawei in responding to CISCO (Cisco)'s intellectual property infringement case in the United States, becoming one of the first Chinese professional law firms to intervene in international intellectual property disputes after China's accession to the WTO. Since then, we have also represented New Oriental in the copyright between ETS and the United States disputes and other intellectual property wars.

2003In-depth service to government departments and state-owned enterprises

Tian Yuan has been employed as a legal consultant for several government departments and provided professional legal services for many state-owned enterprises.

2004Assisting Lenovo become a global partner of the International Olympic Committee

On behalf of Lenovo Group, Tian Yuan negotiated with the legal experts of the International Olympic Committee, and successfully promoted Lenovo Group to become the first Chinese company among the global strategic partners of the Olympic Games with extremely high efficiency, broke the monopoly of European and American lawyers in this type of business in the past.

2005Consecutively awarded "National Excellent Law Firm"

Tian Yuan was selected as one of the first batch of "National Excellent Law Firms" by the All China Lawyers Association, and has won this award every four years for 16 consecutive years.

2006Pioneering education asset securitization

Tian Yuan assisted New Oriental Group to go public in the United States, which became the first private educational institution in mainland China to go public overseas. In the next 15 years, Tian Yuan participated in 300+ financing and M&A projects in the education industry, including the first IPO of Maple Leaf Education in Hong Kong, the first backdoor listing of Offcn Education in A shares, and the first IPO of Chuanzhi Education in A shares. Tian Yuan became one of the preferred law firms by education companies.

2007Participants in high-end and complicated M&A transactions

In high-end and complicated M&A transactions such as Lenovo Group’s acquisition of IBM’s global PC business project, Yangtze Power’s 100 billion major asset restructuring project, Bright Food’s acquisition of WEETABIX project, and Chalco’s acquisition of Yunnan Copper, Tian Yuan lawyers participated in depth as legal counsel and contributed to the success of the transaction Play an important role.

2008Dedicated to Olympic Legal Services

Tian Yuan was entrusted by the project construction unit to provide legal services for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2022, Tian Yuan continued to provide professional legal support for the PPP project of the Beijing Winter Olympics National Speed Skating Stadium, Zhangjiakou Cultural Tourism Town and other projects.

2009Witness the opening of the GEM

With the opening of China's GEM, Tian Yuan assisted Shenzhou Taiyue to become the first batch of listed companies on the GEM. Tian Yuan's capital markets business has ushered in a development climax, providing legal services for hundreds of companies to enter the capital market.

2011Escort Chinese enterprises "going out"

Tian Yuan assisted China Three Gorges Group in acquiring the equity of EDP, which was the first case in which a large Chinese state-owned enterprise successfully bid for a large international listed company. Tian Yuan has helped Chinese central State-owned enterprises play an important role in the country's major strategy of the Belt and Road in several "going out" projects.

2012Twenty years of glory

Tian Yuan marks its 20th anniversary and has become one of the leading comprehensive law firms in China.

Set sail for the Greater Bay Area

Tian Yuan Shenzhen Office was established, and a professional service team with local characteristics escorted high-tech enterprises in the special zone.

2014First Antitrust Case

Tian Yuan represented Tencent in China's first Internet anti-monopoly case " 3Q War" and won the lawsuit. The anti-monopoly business has been widely recognized by Chinese and foreign companies.

Largest real estate IPO

Tian Yuan assisted Wanda Commercial in its listing in Hong Kong, which was the largest real estate IPO in history.

2015The first listed Chinese nuclear power company

China Nuclear Power, which Tian Yuan has served for eight years, has been listed. It is the first nuclear power company in the A-share market and a large state-owned enterprise with the largest financing scale in recent years.

"Internet +" Tide

Tian Yuan assisted Dianping in merging with Meituan, and Tian Yuan lawyers keep pace with the times and are active in many Internet and new economic legal services.

2016Establishing Hong Kong Office and competing in overseas capital markets

Tian Yuan Hong Kong Office was established, and the Hong Kong stock business grew steadily.

201725th Anniversary

"Walking together, sharing the future”“WE the future" - A group photo of 500 members of the big Tian Yuan family on the shining night of the 25th anniversary of Tian Yuan.

2018Financial Risk Disposal and Restructuring

In response to the needs of central financial risk disposal, Tian Yuan has successively been responsible for the takeover and risk disposal of Anbang Insurance Group, several financial institutions, securities companies, banks, and trust companies of Tomorrow, and participated in Peking University Founder, China Fortune Land Development, CITIC Guoan, Evergrande Real Estate, Baoneng Real Estate and other debt restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization projects.

2019"Belt and Road"

Tian Yuan assisted Yangtze Power in acquiring the Peruvian power project, which is the largest overseas energy M&A project of a Chinese-funded enterprise in recent years and the largest M&A project in the power industry in the world in recent years.

2020"Healthy China"

The COVID-19 epidemic was sweeping the world, and the medical and health industry was upgrading at an accelerated pace. Tian Yuan provided comprehensive legal services for hundreds of star companies of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical treatment, equipment, hospitals, etc., established a trusted legal service brand, and contributed to the "Healthy China" strategy.

Largest IPO on ChiNext

With the deepening of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the registration system, in 2020, Tian Yuan assisted the IPO of Arawana, which has the largest financing scale since the establishment of the ChiNext Board, to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Tian Yuan was active in the best legal service organization for Chinese companies to land in domestic and foreign innovative capital markets selected column.

Digital economy

With the upgrading of digital and intelligent industries in traditional industries and the rapid development of Internet platforms, Tian Yuan assists all types of enterprises in building and implementing data compliance systems in an all-round way to cope with new challenges in data compliance management and governance.

Comprehensive service system

On the basis of mature businesses, Tian Yuan newly established a private wealth management business and introduced a tax team to form a comprehensive and sophisticated legal service system with seven business departments and several industry teams that cooperate with each other.

2021Coordinated development across the country

Tian Yuan has basically completed the layout of China's main economic regions, forming an integrated linkage of the headquarters and branches of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the central and western regions, and the Hainan Free Trade Port.

2022Thirty years of elegant demeanor

After the Asian Games Village, Encyclopedia, International Enterprise Building, and Pacific Insurance Building, in the spring of 2022, Tian Yuan settled in the China Life Financial Center in the core area of the CBD of Beijing. With an elite team of thousands of people, and 30 years of experience, we have started a new journey.