Tian Yuan has gathered elite lawyers in various fields, has more than 200 partners, more than 800 professionals, and provides customers with all-round, cross-regional, comprehensive and one-stop legal services with profound practice experience and project experience. and best business solutions.


With 30 years of experience in legal practice and continuous innovation in practice, Tian Yuan's business covers the main practice fields and emerging fields of Chinese lawyers, and maintains the level of China's top lawyers and cross-team comprehensive service capabilities in many fields. Transactions and projects and cases with great industry influence.

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Tian Yuan lawyers keep up with the trend of the industry, focus on legal hot topics, and rely on unique perspectives and market insights to help clients understand the latest changes in the law, and use professional observation, analysis and insights to help clients make more informed business choices and decisions.

About Us

As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 14 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Private Affairs & Wealth Management

Tian Yuan has provided legal services for the establishment of offshore family trusts for the actual controllers, major shareholders and executives of companies to be listed overseas in countries and regions such as the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore, covering several fields such as education, healthcare and high technology; to the actual controllers and major shareholders of domestic listed companies in regard to asset protection and inheritance, such as the design of equity family trust structures and acquisition of control; to domestic high net worth individuals in regard to equity investment, tax planning, assets allocation, cash family trust, equity family trust, real estate family trust, etc.; to domestic high net worth individuals in regard to marital affairs, property sorting and division, and inheritance affairs in countries and regions outside of China, including the U.S., Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.; and to renowned domestic private family enterprises in regard to corporate governance and family governance. Tian Yuan has provided training and business cooperation support to large domestic wealth management institutions such as private banks, family offices, insurance companies and immigration agencies.

Work Highlights
  • Provided legal consultation and advice on offshore family trust and employee welfare trust for a domestic company to be listed in Hong Kong
  • Provided preliminary consultation on the Singapore family trust and family office for the second generation of the founder of a domestic listed company

  • Offered legal consultation and structural design for the Singapore family trust and family office in the overseas M&A exit for a domestic private entrepreneur

  • Provided legal consultation and structural design for offshore family trust in support of the overseas business restructuring of a domestic client in the education industry, involving beneficiaries from China, Singapore, and the United States

  • Provided legal consultation on offshore family trust for the controlling shareholders of a domestic medical enterprise to be listed in Hong Kong, involving beneficiaries of Chinese and American nationality

  • Offered pre-immigration U.S. tax consultation and family trust advisory services for multiple Chinese clients intending to immigrate to the United States

  • Provided early-stage private wealth management consultation, including U.S. tax planning and family trust advisory services, for a U.S. founder starting a business in China

  • Rendered legal services for the dismantling of established overseas family trusts for the controlling shareholders and major stakeholders from Chinese enterprises that did not successfully list overseas








  • Advised a domestic investor on equity investments and post-IPO exit strategies, including tax planning, domestic family trust structuring, and asset allocation
  • Offered comprehensive legal services for the establishment of a domestic family trust for an ultra-high-net-worth family, involving family office, cash family trust, real estate family trust design, and beneficiaries of Chinese and American nationality

  • Provided consultation and design of domestic family trust for entrepreneur clients of the private banking division of Fujian Industrial Bank, covering equity, real estate, and cash assets

  • Provided the structural design and recommendations for equity family trust of listed company clients of CITIC-Prudential

  • Advised multiple domestic private fund managers and their investors on domestic family office and family trust structuring, tax planning for post-IPO stock unlocking, and other matters





  • On behalf of the second-generation family members among the joint actors of a domestic company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, advised on divorce, property division, and information disclosure, drafted divorce agreements, marital property agreements, and gift contracts, and arranged notarization services
  • On behalf of the spouse of the actual controller of a domestic company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, advised on divorce, property division, and child custody arrangements, developed divorce litigation plans given the party's foreign nationality, overseas marriage registration, and children's foreign status, and assisted in divorce litigation between the client and the actual controller of the listed company

  • Represented a woman with Chengdu household registration in her divorce litigation case in Beijing against her Canadian husband

  • Represented a woman with Hong Kong residency in her divorce litigation case in Beijing against her Australian husband

  • Provided comprehensive legal services for passing the inheritance of the estate in Hong Kong left by a young entrepreneur from the Chinese mainland who passed away suddenly to his spouse, children, and parents

  • Provided legal services to a Taiwanese woman who divorced her Chinese mainland husband in a Taiwan court regarding the recognition and enforcement of the divorce judgment issued by such Taiwan court in a Chinese mainland court

  • Advised a client of Irish nationality on international divorce

  • Advised a well-known domestic woman on her spouse’s international bigamy







  • Provided comprehensive legal consultation on personal asset inheritance and distribution for a domestic client with multiple tax residency statuses and assets in different countries. This involved the real estate properties, cash, stocks jointly owned by the client and the client’s spouse, the foreign wills, gifting, and the tax residents of China, Canada, and the United States
  • Offered legal services to the founder of a renowned domestic pharmaceutical family business and their family members, including corporate governance adjustments, prenuptial and postnuptial agreement drafting, will planning, and family charter recommendations


  • LEGALBAND Top Ranked Law Firms: Band 1
  • CBLJ Firms of the Year
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