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As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 15 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Five Tian Yuan partners were listed on The A-List 2023-24: Growth Drivers

On January 17, China Business Law Journal announced The A-List 2023-24: Growth Drivers. Tian Yuan partners Chen Zhuo, Liu Yan, Lu Xin, Xiao Aihua, and Xu Tao were awarded this list for their superb business skills and excellent customer reputation.


The A-List 2023-24: Growth Drivers

(In alphabetical order)


Chen Zhuo

Chen Zhuo, partner of the Dispute Resolution Department of Tian Yuan Law Firm. He has 15 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, and has extensive practical experience in handling company equity disputes, state-owned asset transfers disputes, real estate disputes, financial management disputes and other types of cases. Chen Zhuo graduated from Peking University and joined Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm in 2007. He is qualified to practice law in China. Chen Zhuo is currently a member of the Company Law Committee and Youth Work Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.

Chen Zhuo has extensive experience in representing civil and commercial litigation cases before the Supreme People's Court and provincial higher people's courts. In recent years, he has obtained winning judgments in a number of cases heard by the Supreme People's Court, involving amounts ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of yuan. . Chen Zhuo has represented many arbitration cases before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Beijing Arbitration Commission, and has served as an expert witness on Chinese law and issued Chinese law opinions in cases heard by the Hong Kong High Court and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center. At present, Chen Zhuo's legal team is also one of the most experienced legal teams in China that handles the largest number of cases involving securities companies' margin financing and securities lending business.


Liu Yan

Liu Yan, managing partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm. She has been deeply involved in the capital market for more than 20 years. He has been a full-time member of the 13th, 14th and 15th Stock Issuance Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and a member of the Listing Committee of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Liu Yan has been awarded the "Advanced Individual" by the Beijing Judicial Administration System, the "Beijing Outstanding Lawyer" by the Beijing Lawyers Association, and the "National Outstanding Lawyer" by the All-China Lawyers Association. For her outstanding performance, she was listed on the "Best Female Lawyers in China" list by Thomson Reuters' Asia Legal Business (ALB). She has been recommended by rating agencies and legal media such as Chambers, The Legal 500, IFLR1000, LEGALBAND, and Business Law for many years. and awards.

In recent years, Liu Yan has led a number of industry-influential domestic and overseas IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations of listed companies, refinancing, domestic and overseas bond issuance and other projects. Recent representative achievements include: Century Hengtong GEM listing; Mingyang Smart GDR project; the first A+H vaccine stock CanSino listed on the STAR Market; Zhongke Jiangnan A split A listed on the GEM; Baheal Pharmaceutical GEM listing; Mingyang Intelligent A-shares are listed on the main board; Wanda Commercial Real Estate H-shares are listed and privatized; FAW Xiali's major asset restructuring exceeding 10 billion; Wanda Film's 10.5 billion major asset restructuring; SINOMACH's 3.1 billion major asset restructuring; China Railway Materials and China Chengtong Logistics Professional integration projects; Wanda Film's non-public issuance of stocks; Taiji Co., Ltd.'s issuance of convertible bonds; Mingyang Intelligent's issuance of convertible bonds, etc.


Lv Xin

Lv Xin is a partner of Tian Yuan Dispute Resolution Department. He graduated from China University of Political Science and Law and received a master's degree in law. Before joining Tian Yuan, he had been engaged in dispute resolution and corporate legal affairs for a long time, working in well-known arbitration institutions and large state-owned enterprises. With a comprehensive work background, he has rich experience in arbitration case management, corporate contract management, compliance management, investment and financing, project management, and difficult and complex case handling, as well as legal, financial, investment, financing, auditing, and disciplinary inspection etc. Knowledge reserves, strong comprehensive ability, able to accurately grasp customers' business needs and decision-making pain points, can accurately formulate overall dispute resolution strategies and specific tactics during case handling, and can communicate effectively with customers. Since becoming a lawyer, he has provided legal services for major litigation and arbitration cases and transaction projects for China Molybdenum Group, Century Internet Group, General Technology Group, Cinda Asset Management Company and other companies, and has received unanimous praise from clients.

Lv Xin is good at handling difficult and complex cases such as equity investment, construction projects, and trade, and can provide special services for the resolution of major corporate risk events, debt restructuring, state-owned enterprise investment, financing and asset disposal, corporate bankruptcy liquidation and bankruptcy reorganization, etc. legal service.

Lv Xin also serves as an arbitrator in several arbitration institutions. Mainly as the chief or sole arbitrator, he has tried more than 100 construction projects, equity transfers, sales, leases and other types of cases. His procedures are professional and efficient, his court investigation is comprehensive and meticulous, and he can fully assist the parties in clarifying their commercial needs. He has a high mediation rate, the award is well reasoned, and the result is fair, which is generally recognized by the parties and arbitration secretaries. Lawyer Lv's experience in handling cases as an arbitrator has given her a deep understanding of the laws and methods of commercial dispute resolution. She can effectively guide the team of lawyers to strive for excellence in document writing, court hearing arrangements, etc., and objectively predict the work habits and work habits of the adjudicator for the client. adjudicative ideas, collect evidence more effectively, and formulate practical litigation and arbitration plans.


Xiao Aihua

Xiao Aihua graduated from Peking University and received a bachelor's degree in law, a double bachelor's degree in economics from the China Economic Research Center, and a master's degree in civil and commercial law. Xiao Aihua’s main practice areas include state-owned enterprise restructuring and reorganization, investment and mergers and acquisitions, non-performing assets and bankruptcy reorganization, securities and capital markets, state-owned enterprise legal services, dispute resolution, etc.

Xiao Aihua is one of the core members and leaders of Tian Yuan’s investment and M&A department and state-owned enterprise service team. He has dedicated more than 20 years of service in the field of investment, M&A and M&A-related capital markets, and is responsible for the overall management of many large state-owned enterprises, large industrial groups, and well-known investment institutions. He has personally participated in and led a number of major, difficult and widely watched projects in the industry, including restructuring, major asset restructuring, investment and M&A, and IPO listings.

Xiao Aihua has provided in-depth services in the field of bankruptcy and reorganization in recent years. In addition, as a star lawyer in the field of non-performing asset investment and financing, Lawyer Xiao Aihua continues to be active in providing long-term legal services to major AMCs, participating in many projects, and winning unanimous praise from clients.


Xu Tao

Xu Tao is a partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm. His main practice areas are capital markets, mergers and reorganizations, equity investment and general corporate business.

Xu Tao is considered to be one of the new generation of outstanding lawyers in the field of China's capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. He has successfully provided legal services to dozens of domestic companies in their securities issuance and mergers and acquisitions restructuring projects. He is particularly good at complex transactions involving listed companies. Relying on his comprehensive knowledge structure, profound professional foundation and excellent business thinking in the field of capital markets, Xu Tao is able to skillfully handle various complex transaction structures and transaction documents, and is good at designing transaction plans from both legal and commercial perspectives to provide clients with Excellent legal services.

At the same time, Xu Tao is also a top expert in the field of corporate control struggles, and has provided legal services for more than a dozen A-share listed companies in their control struggles, acquisitions and anti-takeovers.

Xu Tao has been named a legal elite under 40 years old in the Asia-Pacific region by LexisNexis. He has been recognized many times by well-known legal media such as China Business Law Journal and The Legal 500, and has been evaluated as an elite lawyer in China.